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Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3

Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 | 7 Gb
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Mac OS X operating system is most advanced in the world. Built on a solid UNIX foundation and designed towards the simple and intuitive, Mac emphasize creativity, security, interoperability and ease of use.

The strength of UNIX. The simplicity of the Mac:
Mac OS X has easy to use, extremely powerful medium. Everything - from your desktop when you boot to the applications you use every day - was designed with the simple but solemn. So whether you are browsing the web, check email, or video chat with friends on a different continent general, all tasks are easy to learn and implement simple and fun to use.

Of course, making things simple requires real technology, and Mac OS X is no shortage of these technologies. Not only is built on a solid UNIX foundation has been proved over time of unparalleled stability, Mac also offers amazing performance, graphics accompanying the overwhelming support for Internet standards.

Perfectly integrated hardware and software:
By the software on every Mac is created by the same company has created a Mac, what you get is an integrated system in which everything works perfectly coordinated. The advanced technology in the operating system platform to maximize 64-bit processors with multi-GPU to bring the maximum possible performance.

Integrated iSight camera integrates seamlessly with iChat so you can start a video chat session with just one click. Mac notebooks include a sliding table supports multi-sensor hand movements. The operating system also communicates with your hardware to increase battery life by turning down the speed of the hard drive when not working, by intelligent choice between the CPU and GPU for each task, and by automatically reduce screen brightness in low light conditions.

Layout and graphics luxury overwhelmed:
The most innovative feature of the Mac user interface is luxurious, thanks to the graphics technology was built to promote the advanced graphics processor in your Mac. These technologies provide power for multi-direction feature chat, feedback in real time, with smooth animation effects.

The font on the screen looks nice and easy to read. Shadows gently allows you to instantly identify any active window or window is running in the background. You can preview almost any file format with Quick Look, and even text can be read through the previews in high resolution. Integrated support PDF format lets you view and create PDF from any application in any system.

Security right from the design:
Mac OS X are not affected by the virus uoong PC. Mac OS X from protecting themselves from malicious applications that you do not have to worry. The operating system was developed for the Internet in the Internet era, providing a range of sophisticated technology help keep you safe from online threats.

Thanks to all the Mac is delivered with security configuration, you need not worry about complicated settings. Even better is the machine you will not be slowed by the security alert uncomfortable. At the same time Apple has always react quickly to threats and automated online delivery of security updates directly to your Mac.

Built target compatibility:
The versatility and power of Mac OS X operating system compatible to help with almost any environment, including Windows network. mac works with most digital cameras, printers and other peripherals without having to load drivers manually.

Open operating system are all common file formats such as JPG, MP3, and Microsoft Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint. Also Mac OS X also comes with integrated support for the standard PDF format, so you can read and create PDF from almost any application in the system - very reasonable uoong when sharing documents with friends any since they use mac or PC.

If you want to run Windows on a Mac, you absolutely do. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is an operating system built to support only the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server, so you can use your Mac at home and work with all messages, appointments and information contact information at hand.

Initiatives for people:
Mac OS X comes with a range of technologies to help people with disabilities to experience what operating system offers - including many features not found in other operating systems. Such features integrated VoiceOver screen reader for the blind or low vision can be controlled by computer commands or actions on certain multi-sensor sliding table. Mac OS X also provides integrated support assistance other features, like flexible magnifying screen, read the notes played, the same screen zoom flexibility.

Stability from the core:
The core of Mac OS X is built on UNIX platforms has been extremely stable power supply to the industry leading servers, ensuring your computing experience is not interrupted by the fault crashes or reduce minimum performance. Even when you upgrade your Mac to Mac OS X version will also be easy and reliable. The operating system will check your application to ensure compatibility and ignore any incompatible programs.

If the installation process where the power goes out, the system will restart without losing any of your data. Above all, the upgrade does not require you to format the drive, you can keep all compatible applications, files and settings. And if nothing wrong happens when you use a Mac, Time Machine application will help you automatically back up your entire system disk.

Full-featured, fully equipped:
Mac OS X is distributed as a single version includes a greater number of applications designed nca1c eye. You can browse the web, chat or video messages, manage contact information, and complete daily tasks. These applications also work together to help you work more efficient and enjoyable.

* Guard against viruses and other malicious types of software:
Mac OS X system provides multi-layer defense against viruses and other malicious types of applications. Such systems will prevent hackers from causing danger to other applications through your technique isolated "sandboxing" - limited action programs can be done on a Mac, now limit the files they can access, as well as other programs can call them.

The security features including automatic Library of randomization, which allows commands to prevent danger to find out the target, in addition to Execute Disable protection of memory in your Mac from attack.

* Always alert:
The seemingly innocuous file that you downloaded from the Internet may contain dangerous types of malware disguised. That's why every file you download with Safari, Mail, and iChat are scanned to check if they contain applications or not.

If you have Mac OS X will warn you. You will decide whether to open the application or cancel the download process. At the same time Mac OS X also uses the digital signature to ensure the application has not been modified since what is created.

* Automatic Updates:
When a security threat appears, Apple quick response by providing updates and security software is downloaded and installed automatically with just one click. Apple's partnership with community feedback problems, including security forum groups and feedback problems (FIRST) and FreeBSD security team, to detect and repair active security vulnerabilities in operating systems . Besides Apple also works closely with organizations such as Team Coordination Center Computer Emergency Response (CERT / CC).

Easy to customize:
With Mac OS X, security features can be customized and easy to use. For example, set file sharing security can quickly implement the System Preferences. FileVault allows you to encrypt all data in the Home folder with just a few clicks and a password option. Pre-configured firewall to prevent intruders directly, but you can also change any settings if desired.

* The ability to control for parents:
Parents always want their children safe and happy when using the computer. Mac OS X lets you watch your child through simple settings in Parental Controls, you can manage, supervise and control the time their children use the Mac, the sites are allowed to visit as well as those we have can chat online.

* Anti-phishing:
Phishing is a method of online thieves to apply to seize your sensitive information like usernames, passwords and credit card numbers through your fake site known companies. Anti-phishing technology in Safari protect you from plotting fraud by detecting fraudulent sites these. If you visit a suspicious site, Safari will lock the page and display a warning to let you know.

* Security that does not interfere:
Mac OS X does not prevent you with annoying warnings. All Macs will be distributed to the security configuration so you do not have to worry about complicated settings. Just turn on and begin working immediately.

Warning system only when you have important events to note. And if you want to change security configurations, just open System Preferences and make desired changes.

* Browse the web safely:
Mac OS X help you be safe online, regardless Bang want to check bank accounts, sending top secret messages, or share files with friends and colleagues. Features like Password Assistant lets you block thieves from personal data, with encryption technology integrated protection for information with the conversation your privacy.

All Mac offers a variety of technology assistance to help disabled people to experience the power and simplicity of Mac. We referred to as Universal Access, with many exclusive features not found on any other operating system.

1. Marketing Support:
Mac OS X provides a wide range of tools and technologies to help people who have difficulty with the visual comfort when using the Mac.

* Features on-screen text reader integrated
* Browsing Easier
* About Alex.
Mac controls by touch and voice
* Braille support system
* Zoom in the screen, ...

2. Hearing Aids:
Mac OS X provides a wide range of features designed to help people who have difficulty hearing the directions and warning sound superior computer.

* Communicating with iChat.
* The opening and closing notes
* Warning sound

3. The skill-oriented and import data:
Mac OS X provides features to help you navigate the computer even if you have difficulty using the keyboard, mouse and touch-slide table.

* Orientation easier with mouse and keyboard
Automate common tasks
* Customizable data entry system

With Mac OS X, you can use Microsoft Office, connect to most printers and scanners, join the PC network, and even run Windows anymore.

* Office runs on Mac.
Microsoft Exchange Server Support
* Setting industry standards
* Support for most cameras, printers and mouse
* Support for Windows
* Connects to the PC in the network

What's New in 10.6 Snow Leopard?
* Improvements not create new.
* The Finder search advanced and more agile.
* New look, new features for Exposé and Stacks.
Faster Backups with Time Machine.
* Turn on and off faster.
* Install quickly and more stable.
* Occupying use fewer resources.
* A new step for QuickTime ..
* Added character system of Chinese advanced.
* IChat stability and higher resolution.
* The system service every time you need.
* Automatic update printer drivers.
* Set the time zone automatically.
* Choose your PDF document easily.
* Safari faster, stronger.
* Release the disc features more reliable.
* Share files more efficiently.

System Requirements:
* CPU: Mac with Intel processor
* RAM: 1GB
* Storage: 10GB
* DVD drive for installation
Compatible * Internet connection for some features
* Apple's MobileMe Service

Documents and guidelines:
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2. Support Mail settings
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3. Guid
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